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French mousse cakes are main product of Desertu Studija. We make them almost 5 years now. We have gained a lot of experience as we see the demand and fashion for this type of dessert, we also decided to offer courses and share everything we know about mousse cakes.

Mousse is a fluffy cream which tastes like an ice cream. If you are not familiar with mousse cakes at all, you just should know that these are an explosion of taste and textures! Mousse cakes are not just about the mousse. It’s the main part, of course, and the other layers are covered in it, but the cake won’t be complete without the filling: thin sponge, fruit or berry confit layer, cream layer, crunchy layer.. Usually there are several of them, because the idea of french mousse cake is exactly in their combination.

Flavors of this type of desserts are often unusual, amazes our taste buds, but at the same time the tastes are easily recognizable. As everything in France, the ingredients for these kind of cakes are expensive and rare. And of course, natural and fresh. High quality chocolate, pure cocoa butter, exotic fruit purée, freeze-dried fruits, liqueurs, spices like real vanilla, pink pepper, tonka beans, some professional products as pectin, agar, trimoline, albumin, gelatin, glucose.. Don’t be afraid of latest ingredients, they are not chemical products and won’t harm your health. Also it’s worth mentioning that mousse cakes looks so sophisticated and totally different from classic cakes – perfect shape, brilliant mirror glaze, original unusual shapes. Real pleasure for perfectionist eye and gourmet taste!

If you have already tasted mousse cakes or even tried to make them on your own, you definitely have lots of questions. How to make them so perfect? Can I really make something like this in my kitchen? How to prepare mirror glaze? What do these french terms like cremeaux or dacquoise mean? Is it critical to freeze the cake and won’t defrosting harm the cake? Which tools are necessary? Do I need an expensive stand mixer for making mousse cakes? We will answer all these questions at our courses and also give you a lot of useful theoretical and practical information.

Individual courses for 1 or 2 students has practical form. Our pastry chef will only give instrustions and show you how it’s done and you will make everything on your own.  

Our kitchen is very similar to usual home kitchen so you can easily use all new knowledge at home.

We will decide together which cake recipes you will learn at private course. It is not fair to learn cake with citrus fruits if you don’t like them or with nuts if you have allergy for them.

Previous experience is not required as we provide all the basic knowledge. It would even be a perfect challenge to teach someone who has never been connected with pastry world. Ahead of the question – yes, french mousse cakes are not some cosmic science and anyone can learn how to make them. The process is long, requires accuracy, attention and patience, it is also necessary to understand several chemical processes, but the perfect result is achievable.

Courses take place at our cozy studio on 121 Gertrudes Street. The courses are taught by our pastry chef Olga.

Courses are available in Latvian, Russian and English.

Basic program for beginners

Although we have a very personal approach and the course program and duration are very flexible, we offer you the recommended basic program. It includes all the knowledge you need to make wonderful french mousse desserts!

The basic course is divided into three levels. We also offer you to learn all three levels in one go, within 5 days.


Good news for those who like company: if you attend our course with your friend or another student we find, each of you gets €100 discount.

Contact us to apply for the course or ask a question!

NEW! Group courses

Demonstrational courses in small group of 4-5 students. During one day our pastry chef Olga will show you how to make beautiful and delicious desserts and will give you necessary pastry theory. You will glaze your desserts and of course take them with you after the course to enjoy them with your friends or family!

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