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Elegant and modern desserts – for your party, wedding, as a gift or just for your pleasure!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Desertu Studija makes modern french mousse cakes covered with mirror glaze or chocolate velvet, and also delicious french macarons and zephyrs.

What is mousse cake?

If you are not familiar with mousse cakes at all, you just should know that these are an explosion of taste and textures! Mousse is a fluffy cream which tastes like an ice cream. But mousse cakes are not just about the mousse. It’s the main part, of course, and the other layers are covered in it, but the cake won’t be complete without the filling: thin sponge, fruit or berry confit layer, cream layer, crunchy layer… Usually, there are several of them because the idea of french mousse cake is exactly in their combination.

Flavors of this type of desserts are often unusual, amazes our taste buds, but at the same time the tastes are easily recognizable. Like everything in France, the ingredients for these kinds of cakes are expensive and rare. And of course, natural and fresh. High-quality chocolate, pure cocoa butter, exotic fruit purée, freeze-dried fruits, liqueurs, spices like real vanilla, pink pepper, tonka beans, some professional products as pectin, agar, trimoline, albumin, gelatin, glucose… Don’t be afraid of latest ingredients, they are not chemical products and won’t harm your health. Also, it’s worth mentioning that mousse cakes look so sophisticated and totally different from classic cakes – perfect shape, brilliant mirror glaze, original unusual shapes. The real pleasure for perfectionist eye and gourmet taste!

Ingredients of desserts and decorations

Each our dessert is carefully crafted using natural, fresh, high-quality products. In our desserts, we use as little as possible sugar, butter, and flour. That’s why these are lighter, but unfortunately, they are not guilt-free 🙂

We use food coloring, but only in decorations and cover. On demand, it’s possible to make your cake without coloring.

For cake decoration, we use only edible things: fresh berries, nuts, and chocolate. Our decorations are minimalistic, but we always try to come up with something interesting to make your cake fit into your party.

The thematic decorations are for an additional cost. Before you order, here are some ideas for cake design, which we can make.

Please note! We can’t copy cake design from a picture. All colors are approximate. We don’t make marzipan and sugar paste figures.

Storage and delivery

Since desserts are made from fresh products, they can only be stored in a fridge for up to 3 days. The refrigerator must be used also during delivery or the trip time should not exceed 30 minutes.

Our desserts are delicate and fragile, be very careful and slow while delivering them.

The best option is to order our professional delivery, thus you will be sure that the dessert will be delivered with perfect freshness and look.

Shipping costs in Riga area – at least 5 € plus about 1€ per km (please specify individually), outside Riga – depending on the order cost.

Placing the order

We accept orders at least a week in advance (for large orders – at least 10 days in advance), but the faster the better as the date can be full. Date reservation is made with 50% prepayment only.

There is an option to make an express order right here on the website choosing from desserts of the day. Place your order, wait for approval and get your dessert within 2-4 hours.

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